Five reasons your Enterprise needs Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics” is a set of business solutions from Microsoft. Microsoft Dynamics provides a variety of solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). UXC Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an easy to use, cost effective, global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for your small to medium-sized business needs.

Given its unique features Microsoft Dynamics can go a long way in helping businesses become effective, profitable and responsive to their customer’s needs. The products are suitable for different business sizes including small and medium businesses as well as Enterprises.

Following are five reasons why every enterprise must adopt Microsoft Dynamics:

  1. Presence of a variety of products: While Microsoft Dynamic’s ERP software is aimed at enabling enterprises manage their business more effectively, its CRM software facilitates deepening of the customer engagement processes.
  2. Allows managing business across various functions: Microsoft Dynamic’s ERP allows an enterprise to manage the entire business from financial to supply chain management and from manufacturing to operations. Microsoft Dynamics is much more advanced in comparison to traditional ERPs allowing seamless integration of applications which may have been used earlier to run different functions such as finance, sales and operations.
  3. Is of utility to all employees across the business: Microsoft Dynamics is an extremely useful tool for employees across the organization ranging from leaders / management to front line staff. Since the product allows ease of visibility into overall metrics and records it is an important tool for leaders responsible for strategy development. Detailed information on specific processes is of immense value to the front line staff who are directly engaging with the customer.
  4. Allows access to a given functionality despite geographical distance: An enterprise usually employs a large number of people who operate from offices located in different geographical locations. Microsoft Dynamics allows employees to access a given functionality at any given point independent of their geographical location.
  5. Availability in two variants which offers investment options for businesses: Its availability as an on premise software program installed on local servers and as a cloud based system makes Microsoft Dynamics a unique software solution. This option allows the business to decide whether it wants to invest in upfront licensing fee or whether it would like to pay for a monthly cloud based subscription.

In addition this platform can be easily integrated with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office, Skype and Yammer making access and importing of files very simple. This lean and agile platform can be implemented and up for running in no time making it a preferred choice for businesses.