What not to do when you set up a Juice bar

Juicing is a healthy business venture. With a lot of awareness about the benefits of freshly pressed cold juices as against packaged juices, a large number of people have made a shift to eating and drinking healthy food. A large number of people have made a shift to starting their morning with a refreshing glass of freshly pressed juice. A good Home Juice Cleanse might just be the best way to kick-start your day. Many opt for a good pre-workout boost of juice to which protein powder is added.

As a business venture opening a juice bar is a profitable option. However, but if not methodically followed, it can result in a short term venture. There are a number of areas that you can focus on, to ensure that your juice bar, serving fresh home juice, runs profitable long-term:

Do not compromise on the quality of ingredients. Raise the cost required but do not let go of the quality. Quality is what makes the customers come back. Compromise on the same and you can say bye-bye to a stream of regular and steady customers. Keep in mind, Quality is not just about food. Food sourcing and ingredients are a big part of it, but the quality of the equipment used, and even the quality of employees hired, the training provided to the employees are all a part of the quality.

Look for opportunities to service more areas but don’t take up the first available option. It is a good idea to spend time on understanding what a second outlet entails. Whether the person running the outlet, understands what the business stands for. What do you know about the person, and what makes them the best choice for you?

Going with a well-known, respected, trusted, and great juice franchise is something you should definitely consider. If you feel you already have a good base through word-of-mouth references , then go ahead and set up your own Juice bar.

Make sure you have all the permits in place. You do not want to chase legal issues once you bar is thriving. This would mostly mean applying for a food licence and registration

Six moments when you need to refer to your business lawyer

Businesses, today, face a wide variety of complex legal challenges. Whether it is while initiating or running a business, entrepreneurs are usually worrying about whether or not to have a business lawyer on board. While it isn’t necessary to have a business lawyer for each and every step of starting or running a business, there are some instances in which you must consult a business lawyer. Whenever businesses confront serious legal challenges, such as, a customer suffering an injury because of a malfunctioning product or a partner filing a case related to a dispute, they must consult a business lawyer. Steinpag Corporate Lawyers offer clients specialised and comprehensive advice on a range of corporate, energy and resources and commercial matters.

Complex legal challenges take up too much time, effort and may be fraught with liability issues. In such situations it would be wise to consult a business lawyer. Following are situations in which businesses must consult a lawyer:

  1. In case the local, state or federal government has filed a case against you or is investigating your business for violation of laws;
  2. In case your business is involved in any environmental issue. Even if your business hasn’t caused any direct environmental damage it is important to consult a business lawyer to assess the case as environmental protection laws carry heavy penalties;
  3. Businesses are not immune to disputes and these can arise at any time over a wide variety of issues and involve different stakeholders such as consumers, suppliers and partners. In case a consumer, supplier or partner files a case against your company you should definitely consult a business lawyer;
  4. In case you would like to make a special allocation of profits and losses or in case you want to contribute appreciated property to your partnership or Limited Liability Company (LLC) agreement you must seek the professional help of a business lawyer;
  5. In case you are negotiating for the sale of your company or for the acquisition of any other company and/or its assets;
  6. In case an employee files a case against you for discrimination or against one of your staff for sexual harassment.

Depending on the complexity of the legal challenge you may decide whether to hire a business lawyer or to work out a consulting arrangement. What you must keep in mind is that having timely legal help can prevent further exacerbation of the issue as well as it goes a long way in saving you time and money.

Five reasons your Enterprise needs Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics” is a set of business solutions from Microsoft. Microsoft Dynamics provides a variety of solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). UXC Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an easy to use, cost effective, global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for your small to medium-sized business needs.

Given its unique features Microsoft Dynamics can go a long way in helping businesses become effective, profitable and responsive to their customer’s needs. The products are suitable for different business sizes including small and medium businesses as well as Enterprises.

Following are five reasons why every enterprise must adopt Microsoft Dynamics:

  1. Presence of a variety of products: While Microsoft Dynamic’s ERP software is aimed at enabling enterprises manage their business more effectively, its CRM software facilitates deepening of the customer engagement processes.
  2. Allows managing business across various functions: Microsoft Dynamic’s ERP allows an enterprise to manage the entire business from financial to supply chain management and from manufacturing to operations. Microsoft Dynamics is much more advanced in comparison to traditional ERPs allowing seamless integration of applications which may have been used earlier to run different functions such as finance, sales and operations.
  3. Is of utility to all employees across the business: Microsoft Dynamics is an extremely useful tool for employees across the organization ranging from leaders / management to front line staff. Since the product allows ease of visibility into overall metrics and records it is an important tool for leaders responsible for strategy development. Detailed information on specific processes is of immense value to the front line staff who are directly engaging with the customer.
  4. Allows access to a given functionality despite geographical distance: An enterprise usually employs a large number of people who operate from offices located in different geographical locations. Microsoft Dynamics allows employees to access a given functionality at any given point independent of their geographical location.
  5. Availability in two variants which offers investment options for businesses: Its availability as an on premise software program installed on local servers and as a cloud based system makes Microsoft Dynamics a unique software solution. This option allows the business to decide whether it wants to invest in upfront licensing fee or whether it would like to pay for a monthly cloud based subscription.

In addition this platform can be easily integrated with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office, Skype and Yammer making access and importing of files very simple. This lean and agile platform can be implemented and up for running in no time making it a preferred choice for businesses.

Six reasons to shift to digital signs for marketing

Digital signs are created through the application of technologies such as Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Light-emitting diode (LED) and projection. The signs are presented in the form of either text, images, video or interactive interfaces. FM Digital LED Signs provide tablets, touch screens, way finding kiosks, menu boards, LED retail displays, LED window signage, corporate signage, rental displays, foldable screens, and transparent displays. Digital marketing is so pervasive that consumers have access to information any time and any place they want it.

Such Digital signage is becoming increasingly the preferred option for marketing. Australia is currently the world leader in the growth of digital solutions. A report titled “Australian Digital Signage Systems Market, 2015” brought to light that the digital signage market (including sale of digital signage displays, media players, software and content management) grew by a whopping 12.1% during the year 2014 to reach $133 million and is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.9 percent during the period 2015 and 2020. This growth has been attributed to the opportunities in the financial sector and the outdoor marketing space. Digital signs are increasingly being used to replace traditional signage in retail, telecommunications, banking and fast food sectors.

Digital signs provide a range of benefits over traditional print signage and some of these advantages are listed below:

  • Digital signs are able to reach mass audiences and are able to play targeted messages at transit points or at points of sale. Higher resolution screens, larger than life displays along with high definition content are able to engage customers in a much more effective manner than print signage.
  • As the content is dynamic and graphics are in motion it makes the message more attractive, leads to a higher recall and leads to sales lift from promotions. Research shows that digital media has twice the recall of non-digital media.
  • A single screen is capable of displaying multiple messages. This feature allows businesses to optimize the real estate cost of signage.
  • Digital signage is easy to create, edit and update through content management systems. Some businesses are also re-purposing their existing content to a digital format.
  • Updating of digital signage content can be undertaken from a remote location. Information about new products and promotions can be instantly transferred to numerous screens with the click of a button.
  • Digital signage allow for greater interaction with the customer. Interactive devices such as touch screens and gamification solutions can be used to engage the customer and enhance their awareness about the brand.